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Guidelines for teen skin care

Most teenagers have trouble with their skin being too oily, too dry, breakouts, or all of those at the same time.  Most parents, especially moms, do ...

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Lip Care in Central Florida

Lip care is especially important in the dry winter months in Central Florida.  Soft lips are a feature that every woman can be proud of.   They are...

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Eye Cream alleviates stress and aging

Eyes say a lot about a person.  Just from looking at someone’s eyes, you can usually tell if they are tired, stressed, or just not feeling well...

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Hydrate Your Skin from the Inside

You have probably heard that you should hydrate your skin from the inside by drinking at least 8 cups of water a day is good for your health.  What m...

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Sunscreen Basics

Most people are aware that using sunscreen will protect their skin from sunburn and skin cancer. Many people, however, are confused about sunscreen ba...

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Four Different Skin Types

It has been established that there are four different skin types: oily, dry, combination and normal. The best way to analyze your skin type is to do t...