Dermaplaning: The New Way To Exfoliate

What is dermaplaning? It’s one of the newest facial techniques that exfoliates dead skin cells and removes unwanted vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz. It’s often performed on the face, sides of the neck and under the chin. The process can take around 45 minutes and begins with appropriate cleansing and prepping of the skin.

Is There Downtime

This is a quick, easy, and painless procedure with no downtime! Dermaplaningis done by itself or paired with another facial or chemical peel. We recommend the latter for more dramatic and pleasing results. However, dermaplaning alone will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple! Other benefits include reducing fine lines and wrinkles, increased skincare absorption and smoother makeup application. It’s vital that a professional, such as a licensed medical aesthetician, performs this procedure to ensure safety and effectiveness.

One of the most common questions asked about dermaplaning is, “Will it make the hair on my face grow back thicker and darker?” The answer is no. The type of blade used in the procedure is normally much thinner than a typical razor. It’s also not true that shaving causes hair to become thicker and darker, so you have nothing to worry about! This is normally attributed to hormones.

You should get dermaplaned every four weeks to remove the dead skin cells that have built up, but consult with your medical aesthetician first. All skin types benefit from dermaplaning with the exception of those who suffer from acne. This treatment is also safe and effective for pregnant or nursing women.

Achieve Beautiful Skin now offers dermaplaning! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the procedure and invite you to come in for a free skincare consultation if you’re not sure if it’s right for you.

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