Bridal Skincare Tips

Bridal Skincare Tips

Brides should look and feel their best on their wedding day and be confident and beautiful in front of the crowds and cameras. It’s never too early to start your bridal skincare routine and we have some bridal skincare tips to help you maximize the time leading up to your wedding so your skin is radiant when the big day arrives.

Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing can cause irritation and leave behind bumps and ingrown hairs. The best way to ensure smooth and flawless skin before your wedding is laser hair removal. We recommend starting this about 6 months prior if you can. Since hair grows in phases, you should plan for 6-8 treatments on the chosen areas. Are you worried about pain? Achieve Beautiful Skin has pain-free and quick laser hair removal. Learn more about laser hair removal here.

Regular Facials and Peels

Starting regular facials or peels around 6 months out is another way to improve skin. If you struggle with breakouts, have acne scarring, brown spots or wrinkles you want to eliminate, then having a licensed medical aesthetician treat your skin is important to achieving a great wedding-day glow. Depending on your needs, you can get anything from a regular facial for extractions and cleansing to chemical peels for removal of brown spots, scarring and wrinkles. Get a consultation at your local medi-spa and they can help you create a tailored skincare plan leading up to your wedding. If you are concerned about costs, be sure to ask what discounts are offered to brides. Achieve Beautiful Skin has great bridal skincare packages! Learn more. 

Clean Up Your Diet

If you have some excess pounds to shed before the wedding, start as soon as possible. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits will not only help with weight loss, but also supports clearer and healthier skin.  Foods to avoid  before the wedding include dairy, sugar, greasy and fried food, alcohol, carbonated drinks and beans. Although some of the foods mentioned are considered healthy, they can also cause bloating and gas. If you want to feel light and energized on your big day, then it’s best to cut those foods from your diet for a little while. As for the alcohol, save that drink for your toast. Alcohol weakens the digestive system and dehydrates you. That’s a recipe for bad skin!
Following these tips can give you flawless skin when you say I do! And it doesn’t hurt to keep maintaining good skin care and diet regimens after your wedding too. If you have any questions about bridal skin care or want to set up a bridal party at our boutique medi-spa, then give us a call at 321-720-5473. We are here to help you Achieve Beautiful Skin!

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