Combatting Myths of Laser Hair Removal

Several myths about laser hair removal may be deterring you from jumping in and getting rid of unwanted hair. What exactly happens during laser hair removal? Highly concentrated light is beamed into the hair follicle, forcing pigment in the follicles to absorb the light and destroy the hair. Here are a few myths about laser treatment to shed some light …

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Skincare Myths

We’ve all read articles or blogs about how to make our skin look better. Some give great tips and advice and others pass on information that is not quite true. Let’s address three common skincare myths and what you can learn from them. Skincare Myths #1: Dirt causes acne so  wash your face more often to prevent acne. Nope, acne …

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Sunscreen in Florida

There are tons of products on the market that claim to erase wrinkles and lift sagging skin. The demand for younger looking skin is huge. However, the best way to stay looking young as you get older is to prevent damage to your skin in the first place. If you had to choose just one product to do that, it …

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