Darkened Skin

Darkened skin, also called hyperpigmentation, is the appearance of dark patches or spots on the skin.  Darkened skin can happen to any race or skin type.  The most common darkened skin is “age spots” which are typically caused by sun damage.  Sometimes, the darkened skin is the result of hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, or menopause.  Most cases of darkened …

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5 Things that Embarrass Women About Their Bodies

Women are embarrassed about their bodies more than men.  From childhood, we are taught what is the norm and we compare ourselves to others in our community.  Here are the 5 things that women are most often embarrassed about. Things they can’t change. Women begin picking themselves apart as children.  It begins when they start socializing with other children and …

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5 Tips for Fresh Skin

Everyone wants to look fresh and beautiful all day long.  The weather, makeup and daily stress can make your skin look course and dull.  Stay smooth and glowing with these tips: Never wear makeup to bed.  Your pores deserve a good cleansing before lying down to rest for the night.  Clean the eye area gently and be sure to remove …

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