Laser Hair Removal in Central Florida

Wanting smooth and silky legs this summer?  Achieve Beautiful Skin offers Laser Hair Removal in Central Florida.  Summer time comes early here in Viera, Florida, so plan ahead for your laser hair removal procedures.  If you are not familiar with the options other than shaving and waxing, you are really missing out.  I have given a very brief description of Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal so you can make the most informed decision and get the results that you want.

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal approved by the FDA.  A licensed Electrologist must perform the procedure.  The treatment consists of applying an electric current to the fair follicle, which destroys the root.  The result is permanent hair removal.

Generally speaking, the Electrolysis treatment is reported to feel like a pricking or stinging.  Some clients with higher pain thresholds say Electrolysis feels like a tingling sensation.  A topical anesthetic can be used if the discomfort is more than you wish to endure.  The end result, permanent hair removal, is well worth the slight discomfort of the procedure.

With both IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser hair removal procedures, there is high potential that unwanted hairs could be kept away for a long time. The two methods are very similar and highly comparable, though there is at least one clear difference: Laser hair removal uses a real laser while IPL does not.  As the name suggests, IPL uses a light based device instead in order to destroy the hair follicles for good.

There is a slight discomfort associated with the procedure, but nothing you cannot handle.  Laser Hair Removal clients report that during the treatments they can feel the heat of the intense light and a snap on the skin, much like a rubber band.  Course, dark hair tends to feel the burn of the heat more, so a man’s mustache may burn more than a woman’s lip hair removal.  Depending on several factors, the number of visits can vary greatly.  Generally, clients notice results by at least treatment number 5 or 6.  The final result will be a soft, smooth look for the summer season.

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